Christmas Gift Guide 2015!

Hey guys, hope you all are having a great holiday season! There’s only 13 sleeps till Christmas! For my sixth post from Twelve Posts of Christmas (Yay! We’re half way through!) I am bringing you my holiday gift guide for your friends and family this Christmas! Whether it is for a Secret Santa present or pricey Christmas gift, there’s something in here for everyone! Here is a list of my top ten presents!


Candles are definitely at the top of my list because you just can’t go wrong with them! You can personalise this present by getting someone their favourite scent or keep it very simple and give them an original candle scent. They also make some amazingly festive candles for this time of the year that look and smell like Christmas!


Colouring Books

These new adult colouring books have been one of the most popular things this year and I completely understand why! The patterns are gorgeous and there are a wide variety of patterns and themes. This is the perfect Christmas present for someone who gets bored easily and constantly needs to do something with their hands, or simply loves colouring! You could even put in a pack of felt tip pens or pencils with this gift to make it extra special!


LUSH Bath Bombs

After recently receiving my first LUSH bath bomb as a Christmas present from a friend, I completely fell in love with them! They smell delicious and come in all kinds of amazing flavours to suit all kinds of tastes. Not to mention the excitement of watching them dissolve and create amazing patterns in the bath! I also find that products like bath bombs or other products from LUSH are not something people often buy for themselves which makes it that little bit more special.



I find that stationary is always a great gift for any occasion, especially Christmas because everyone is starting a new term at school! You can get extremely creative and personal in this department with colours, patterns and words and quotes on items. A diary or planner for the year ahead is also a great present, especially for people who don’t particularly like using their phones as planners.


Gift Cards

People often underestimate the power of gift cards because they feel like they are very general and not very personal. I am one of those people! But recently, I’ve found gift cards to be very handy, especially when you don’t know exactly what someone wants or don’t know them very well. Gift cards from bookstores or department stores are great because there isn’t the fear of not buying someone the perfect present!


iPhone Cases

iPhone cases are the perfect gift as a stocking stuffer that most people will love! There are so many fun and quirky kinds of cases out there, from pretty prints to nail polish bottles to pizzas! There is something for everybody! They are also pretty cheap, making a great addition to a gift or a Secret Santa present.


Room Décor Items

Room decorations are the perfect Christmas gift, especially for girls and decoration enthusiasts! You can put together a few items to create a decorative bundle and have a wide range of budgets. You can get items for the new season, or some festive Christmas themed items for a Christmas lover! You can go all out with canvases, lamps and fairy lights for the perfect present!


“Q&A A Day” Books

I love concept of these fun activity books that create special little memories with every day that goes by! They are the perfect gift and are often available at your local bookstore or online and are not too pricey. It is the perfect time to get them because you start them at the beginning of a new year, making Christmas the perfect time to gift them to someone. The book contains simple questions like “What are you wearing right now?” and go for five years so you can compare your answers of the same question form year to year!


Cookie in a Jar

Cookie (or cake!) in a jar is a great present, especially if you’ve got a strict budget. You can DIY them or buy them from stores and come in a range of flavours and products. They are great as a hand made present or stocking stuffer and making them from scratch makes it that little more special and personal!


Okay everybody, that’s it for my Christmas Gift Guide for 2015! Hope this gave you some ideas for Christmas shopping and gift giving! Have a great weekend and stay tuned for the next post!


Signing off,

Shreya xx

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”

– H. Jackson Brown, Jr


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