Bullying: Let’s take a stand

Hello everybody! Hope you are all having a great week so far! Today I would like to share with you, a piece of writing that I did a couple of months ago. I’m not very sure why I chose to write a piece like the one you are about to read but it just kind of came to me. I usually don’t write about events like the ones you will see in this piece of writing…maybe I was having a bad day. Maybe I had just heard some bad news. Sometimes I just don’t remember the reason behind a piece of writing. Sometimes I just let my imagination take the lead and see where it takes me…

Dark clouds penetrate the gloomy sky sending shivers over the town. An electric glow overtakes the atmosphere while the grumbling thunder answers back.

Listening to the orchestral sounds of the storm sits Miles Turner, peeking out of the ivory curtains that line his bedroom windows. Thinking. Just Thinking. Thinking about how life is unbearable and how help isn’t just around the corner. Wondering if tomorrow will be better and not believing that something will change.

There he sat with endless sheets of music neatly scattered around him, the notes and melodies giving him solace from all his worries. There wasn’t mush time left Miles, not much time left at all. He was an hourglass running out of sand, coming to an end with no one there to turn him over and help him start again.

As the night went on Miles thought of all the memories he wanted to keep with him during his last moments, and all the moments he wanted to escape from. He thought of the days when life was like spring, blossoming with happiness, love and security. He thought of sun kissed holidays by the beach and endless adventures with his family. He recalled the sleepless winter nights when he would sit near the blazing fire with his family, the heat keeping him safe and warm. And when life turned into a perfect storm and his mind was trapped in a blizzard, his mother would take his tear stained face in her hands and whisper close to his ear.

“Don’t cry when the sun is gone, for the tears won’t let you see the stars”

She always believed that life would get better, that there were brighter days to come.

As the torturous night rolled on, Miles Turner replayed the moments of happiness and sorrow over and over again in his mind like a broken record trying to think of the one reason he wanted to do what he was about to the next morning. Suddenly, as if the record repaired itself, he remembered why he wanted to become obsolete.

Suddenly, like a recurring nightmare, images of the endless torture he had faced came screaming back into his mind. The silhouettes of large, bulky boys towered over a small, helpless body – his body. Their words would forever remain in his mind, like bruises that never healed. Like battle scars from a battle in which he never fought back. He remembered the endless chime of his phone when the evil messages came flooding in like tsunami tides. “Just die. Your not worth it”, “You don’t belong in this world” they read. And Miles never fought back. Never tried to end the torture.

Until this moment, Miles did not know why he was going to do what he planned to accomplish. Now he knew exactly why. He had nobody to share his thoughts and worries with. He had nobody to find him in a burning sky, nobody to hold him up when he felt weak. Nobody to be his flashlight and light the way when he felt lost and no one to show him that he WAS worth it when he felt useless. Miles had nobody to guide him through life. Nobody to tell him that what he was about to do was a big mistake. Miles Turner has no one that he could consider as a friend.




The alarm sounded and Miles knew it was time. It was the crack of dawn and you could just make out the city being woken up by the purple, cloudy glow of the sun. Miles stood up from his place on the floor and headed towards his balcony, carefully grasping the balcony edge with one hand while hoisting his frail, shaky body up onto the railing so he was balanced on the thin cold metal bar, one step away from the end of his story.

He prayed for his family and their future and hoped they would carry on without him. He hoped that this was what was best for him. He believed that this was the only way he could regain the peace within him that he had lost over the years. Slowly, he lowered his eyes to the street twenty-seven storeys below him. He could see the world for what it really was, a mysterious land with new things to be discovered. It was a place that gave second chances in abundance. It was only a matter of knowing the perfect time to take one, and Miles believed that he had missed his time.

With a quick, clean movement, he stepped off the railing to a second chance. To a new beginning.


There you go! I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this or not but then I decided to take a chance and just go for it. We often tend to overlook the fact that over one million people die of suicide each year, around 4,400 of these cases linked to bullying. Suicide is the third largest killer in this world today, and studies have shown that global citizens from the age of 10-25 are more likely to think about such activities.

Bullying gives people like that the reason to even consider such activities. According to the CDC, 14% of high school students have considered suicide and about 7% have attempted it. Today, nearly 30% of the youth population are either bullies or victims of bullying, causing over 160,000 kids to stay at home everyday because of the fear of getting bullied.

This needs to stop. So talk to someone, speak up and don’t be afraid to ask for help. This is major problem in this day and age and I strongly believe that we need to come together to solve this issue that is getting bigger and more dangerous by the minute.

Thank you for your support!

Signing off,

Shreya xx

“I realised that the bullying never has to do with you. It’s the bully who’s insecure.”

-Shay Mitchell

*On a completely different note, who’s excited for the PLL 5 Years Forward premiere tomorrow?!


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