Let’s Talk About: Negative Influence

Sometimes life can be real difficult…don’t you think? Every second of every day, we are constantly worrying about how somebody else will react to what we do, or say, or think or believe in. Our thoughts are clouded with the shadows of other people’s opinions that prevent us from seeing clearly, seeing the world how WE want to. Some people call it inspiration. Some call it influence. I say it is both, yet neither. Inspiration is a positive way of taking someone else’s actions and words into thought while we progress in life. Influence is what people have on other people, which may not always be a good thing. Inspiration is optional. Influence is not as easy to prevent.

Do you ever think back on a decision you made in the past that was influenced by somebody else’s decision or opinion? I know I have. Do you think your decision would have been completely different if you hadn’t been influenced by another person? Would it have been better in the long run? Would it have been the same?

What I really want to say is, that you should live life for YOU. Accomplish what YOU want every day. Go by what YOU believe in without worrying what other people might think. Stand up for causes that YOU are passionate about, regardless of the amount of support you receive. Act the way YOU want. Talk the way YOU want. Be the way that YOU want to be, because at the end of the day, no one knows what’s best for you more than yourself.

I believe that there is a reason that we are all so different from each other. We have the ability to inspire and influence each other in a positive way, which can be extremely powerful. However, if we all started acting the same way and talking the same and behaving the same, we lose our own authenticity and the authenticity of our society.

So from today, break the boundaries of negative influence in society and be who YOU want to be. Inspire others by your own individuality and help bring out the best in everyone around you! Aspire to be the best you can be, and don’t let the opinions of the people around you limit your imagination and creativity!

Don’t wait for others to accept you into their ways of life, show them that you are better than that. Don’t let people mould you into clones of themselves because you are better than that. At the end of the day, authenticity is key, and there is nobody in this world quite like you:)

Signing off,

Shreya xx