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Hello loves, hope you are all having a lovely weekend and making the most out of your days! About 6 months ago, I had posted a segment of a short story I had been writing and I had called the post When I Write…. You can check it out here if you would like:) Since then, I have been contemplating whether or not to post another snippet of the piece and after writing a fair amount, I decided to give it a try. So here is Chapter Two of the nameless novel I have been writing when times get rough. Do you find writing therapeutic? On a bad day, I let myself get lost on my own hurricane of thoughts and then por my heart, mind and should out onto pages and Word Documents. Maybe it’s just me, but there’s a chance that thee are people much like yourself, who do the same.


Chapter Two

“Lana?” whispered Mike from across the room – I didn’t even notice he was there. “Are you ok?”

I was far from ok. I had just woken up only to find that my home was a crime scene and that my parents may not be alive! Though, I still let Mike walk across the room to where I was laying and wrap me into a brotherly hug. Despite being younger than me by three hours, he was the only person with whom I felt most protected. My friends always ranted on about how annoying their brothers were but Mike and I were very close. Everyone said it was because we were twins but I don’t believe that’s particularly true. Sure, we felt unique and connected because of this but I believe that we were close because we simply enjoyed each other’s company. We held each other up through hard times – trust me, we’ve been through a lot – and were each other’s closest friend. I loved Mike and I didn’t feel weird saying it like others did about their brothers.

“Where are mum and dad?” I asked. “Are they alright?”

Mike knew that what I really meant by that was, “are they alive?” and cringed at the sound of those words.

“We’re not sure yet Lana”. He always called me Lana. “They were taken to hospital last night after you blacked out. You were brought here shortly after. You were unconscious Lana, in shock! If you hadn’t been brought here on time, you could have…you could have died.

A single tear trickled down his left cheek, his eyes glassy and bloodshot. He hadn’t slept last night. How could he? The rest of his family were in hospital with their lives on the line! I wiped away the tear with my cold, pale hand and told him it would be ok. He was my little brother after all and I would do anything to protect him.

Just as I was about to speak, a girl with flying brown locks came running into the hospital room. It was Maya, my best friend. She was like another third of me and I was the same to her for the nine years that we’d known each other. She was small like me, with beautiful, crazy hair and the biggest heart you could ever find. We did everything together! We shopped together, studied together, went to the movies, gossiped and even got bored together. Now, wearing her pyjamas with her hair everywhere and with no shoes on her feet, I couldn’t be more relieved to see her.

“Alanna!” she cried, and rushed to my bedside. “Are you ok? I came here as fast as I could! The police told me everything…I…I heard it on the news this morning. Mike! How are you? God, I was so worried!” the words just kept coming until she finally slumped down onto the creaky plastic chair, clearly out of breath and out of energy.

“Oh Maya!” I replied, suddenly feeling so overwhelmed with relief and appreciation. “I’m…I’m ok, I guess. I blacked out last night. Apparently it was from shock. I’m so glad you’re here! But how did you get here this early?”

“I ran”, she replied simply, as if it was the most obvious thing to do. And even then, when I was trapped in a hospital bed with my parents’ life in danger, I couldn’t help but smile at her sincerity. She sat gingerly on the side of my bed and held my hand reassuringly. At this moment, when life was like a hurricane, I knew I had my two best friends here with me to calm the storm, at least for now. So I laid my head back down onto the soft, feathery pillow and let the sound of soft whispers put me to sleep.

There you have it, the second chapter of this story with no name that lives in the back of my mind for most of the time. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you had no idea what was happening, you probably haven’t read chapter one! Here’s the link once more: Chapter One. Have a lovely day, stay positive, and don’t be afraid to dream every now and them:)

Signing off,

Shreya xx

“There is no greater agony that bearing an untold story inside of you.” – Maya Angelou




  1. diywithme220 · July 3, 2016

    Wowww the second part is amazing! I’d lovee to know the next bitttt!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dewdrops0213 · July 5, 2016

    I love writing! In journals of course :D I love journals so much. Just pouring my thoughts out. I used to type stories a lot. I wrote a really long on when I was little. but it sucks haha. but it’s fun to read I guess. Writing and spilling my thoughts is just an amazing feeling. I have lots of thoughts, journals are just perfect for me. You’re so good at writing :D

    Liked by 1 person

    • pastelorchid · July 5, 2016

      I think journals are just the best things ever…doesn’t filling those empty pages just feel so satisfying? I’m sure your work is great..I would love to read it someday, and I’m glad you enjoyed my little story here! <3

      Liked by 1 person

      • dewdrops0213 · July 5, 2016

        YES :D Oh, no XD My writing has dropped down. I don’t do it much anymore but I want to do it again like the olden days :D I loved your story ^^

        Liked by 1 person

  3. PerfectReverie · July 7, 2016

    AH THIS WAS JUST. I’m really loving Allana’s character… Keep writing!!

    I write fiction too! Please so check out my blog and this story to which I’m thinking of doing a sequel. https://perfectreverieblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/31/kill-him/
    I just hope you won’t be disappointed!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. AlifyaLifestyle · July 12, 2016

    Enjoyed reading through this! :)


    Liked by 1 person

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